Titi: Neymar is an icon, but Brazil are strong without him


The Brazilian national soccer coach, Titi, confirmed that he is a big fan of his star Neymar da Silva, but he is not overly dependent on him, and that the team is strong without the Paris St Germain striker.

The samba coach said, in an interview with “France Football” magazine, that Neymar is still the icon of Brazil at present, but he is not afraid to play without the star of the city of lights, Paris.
Titi believes that Neymar, who moved from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain in August of 2017, has made his best appearances at Camp Nou.

The Brazilian coach added: “In every match, I ask myself the same question: How do I get the best out of my team, build the team that I think of, and balance it optimally. Neymar reassures you because our competitor will not be able to anticipate what he will do and provide you with an individual or collective solution. Others do not possess him, his quick thinking and implementation, and his ability to improvise.

Titi continued: “He was the best performance in my opinion in Barcelona, ​​as in the national team, when he plays on the left side, and tries to enter the penalty area.”
Brazil coach Titi considers himself a great fan of Neymar, but at the same time, given that Brazil won the 2019 Copa America without Saint Germain, his country is not overly dependent on him.

The Brazil national team had made a strong appearance in the Copa America championship, which crowned its title at home, although its star missed the championship due to an ankle injury.
Selecao defeated Peru 3-1 in Brazil, chasing the nightmares of a 7-1 humiliating loss to Germany in the World Cup semi-finals in 2014.
Titi said in this regard: “Winning the Copa America on our soil was a big challenge, especially for the players who suffered the insult of 2014 as much as possible, such as Danny Alves, Fernandinho, Tiago Silva, this title was more important because we lost Neymar due to injury Only a few days before the tournament started, the pressure and expectations of our supporters were great. Therefore, victory was the only option available to us. “
He continued: “When you have to face Argentina with Messi and Uruguay with Cavani and Suarez or Colombia with Rodriguez, the absence of Neymar necessarily leads to more emotional instability; therefore winning without Neymar and resisting all this pressure made the group realize its value.”

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