Tips to quickly remove Apple Mail app from iPhone and iPad


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Tips to quickly remove the Apple Mail app from iPhone and iPad, today Tuesday 28 April 2020 02:36 PM

The Federal Information Technology Security Office of Germany warned of two security holes in the Apple Mail application that were recently discovered and advised German experts to uninstall the application on the iPhone and iPad smartphones or at least stop the email sync and Apple announced that the iOS operating system has already been updated “To fill the security holes, it did not disclose when the new update will be launched, and until the new update is launched, owners of Apple mobile devices must recall their emails via the web browser or install e-mail applications.” Rooney from third parties and their use such as the free Spark, Boxer and Newton applications, as well as applications, provided by email developers.

The company Zecops, a specialist in web security whose employees discovered Apple security holes, that these vulnerabilities have been present in the Apple OS for a period of years until the current version 13.4.1, has already been exploited and the German Federal Office explained that the security vulnerabilities have Downgrade to the iOS 6 version, and through these serious security vulnerabilities, hackers may compromise the iPhone or iPad smartphone by sending a fake e-mail.

“It is possible that hackers can read, change and delete emails, and it is currently being checked whether hackers can cause more damage to Apple mobile devices,” he says. On the other hand, Apple has made clear that there is no evidence that these vulnerabilities have been exploited. Indeed, Zecops has indicated that there are 3 vulnerabilities “but not a direct threat to users” depending on the information currently available, and Apple confirmed that launching a successful attack requires the exploitation of 2 of the other security vulnerabilities, and Apple announced the closure of the security vulnerabilities with the launch of the new version of Apple’s iOS system, and it may Bugs are already fixed in iOS 13.4.5 beta, however the new update is not generally available yet.

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