Thwart smuggling 2.5 million Captagon tablets coming from Turkey


Source: Riyadh – Arabic. Net

The Saudi customs in the dry port in the city of Riyadh managed to thwart the smuggling of a large amount of narcotic Captagon pills (more than two million and 500 thousand pills), found hidden in panels of borrowed roofs, and they were received in a consignment coming from Turkey.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, the Under-Secretary-General of the Customs Authority for Security Affairs, Muhammad al-Naim, explained that “when carrying out inspection procedures on the shipment through mechanical and live means, that amount was found hidden in the cavities inside the panels prepared in a technical manner for the purpose of smuggling,” noting that “it took place After seizing the prohibitions, coordinating with the General Directorate of Narcotics Control to take measures that included the arrest of the 4 people in this quantity, all of whom were arrested inside Saudi Arabia.

Al-Naeem stressed “the Saudi Customs’s keenness and its continuous endeavor to confront attempts to smuggle drugs in all their forms and types through customs outlets,” stressing at the same time that “Saudi Customs through all their land, sea and air outlets continue to work tirelessly to achieve the most important pillars of its strategy, which is to enhance the enforcement of laws and laws To protect society and the national economy. ”


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