This is what the Minister of Health revealed about the latest corona development in Lebanon


Health Minister Hamad Hassan pointed out that “society’s behavior and discipline affects the movement and behavior of the new Corona epidemic,” noting that they are “inseparable and inseparable, because the virus is very smart, but a person is smarter if he knows how to be cautious of it.”

Hassan said, during a press conference, that “our data to date is good, but I have always said that it is fraught with risks”, explaining that “the extent of our understanding of each other, helps us to achieve safety for our society, and we prevent the taboo of pandemic from occurring quickly”, and you cannot The World Health Organization faces this epidemic when society needs it, as it has in all countries of the world. ”

He also pointed out that “the transmission of infection locally is still a low percentage, but that does not allow everyone to take advantage of this matter,” noting that “when we announced the closure on March 18, we recorded the largest percentage of cases of corona infection, where we recorded 160 cases, when people were afraid and started Society with discipline. ”

He explained that “although there is some imbalance in this discipline, the number began to shrink during these two weeks, and this is a good thing.” He pointed out that “Today the goal, given that we are close to the tenth day of mobilization, is to reach the number twice every 20 days. This is a wonderful thing, and it turns out that we can achieve this number.”

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