This is how Maron Ilydia was killed in the church


The first investigating judge in the north, Samaranda Nassar, issued its indictment in the murder of Elidia, given to him by the defendant, Maroun J.J., against the backdrop of a dispute over a rented hall, and considered that the defendant’s act was a felony of Article 549 of the Penal Code and provided for the death penalty.

It was stated in the reasons for the decision that the defendant appeared on 17/11/2019 to St. Elias Church in Mizyara, where Father Charles Suleiman was celebrating the Divine Sacrifice, and the deceased was serving the Mass with her daughter, in the presence of her husband returning from travel.

The accused attended a part of the mass until the Holy Bible was recited, then to leave for his next home, which is a metaphor for a hall he had rented from the Church Endowment Committee, and the murdered woman who was a member of the committee had repeatedly asked him to rent the hall at the request of the person responsible for the endowment, which raised his anger. He decided to take revenge.

After the liturgy ended, the defendant entered the church again with a Remington hunting rifle with a shotgun and shot the victim, then hit her with her back and immediately shot her, then turned around to shoot the priest, shouting, “Heck, that’s a heck,” but the one called Roderick. Whoever snatched the gun from him to prevent him from continuing his criminal act.

During the investigations, the defendant denied his intention to intentionally kill the victim, claiming that he only wanted to intimidate her because she had filed a lawsuit against him for the evacuation of the rented hall, but her husband hit the gun, disrupted his balance and fired the shot.

The decision concluded that the defendant’s act was considered a felony of Article 549 of the Penal Code and his trial before the North Criminal Court, and that he was suspected in the misdemeanor of Article 73 weapons and ammunition, and following the misdemeanor of the felony to accompany it.

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