This is how he justified his performance in Kalbash … and compared him to his father, like sitting with a lion


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Saturday 04 April 2020

Books- Diaa Mostafa:

Today, the first anniversary of Haytham Ahmed Zaki’s birth, after his departure, is born on April 4, 1984.

In these lines, we review information, previous statements and stories about the late artist.

– The beginning of his relationship with the cinema was in his father’s last movie, “Halim” .. He presented the role of Nightingale at the age of youth, especially since his father died before completing the movie, and his father was welcome to present the character of Halim at childhood, especially since he wanted to enter the artistic community , And he always praises him, and assures that he will be a talented actor.

– In the year immediately following “2007”, he made his first starring in the “Palazzo” movie, but he did not achieve the desired success.

– After an absence of 4 years, he presented his first championship in the drama through the Doran Shubra series.

– In the following works, Haytham resorted to the second rounds or group championships, and he presented several works, including: “Palm of the Moon, Bitter Sugar, Professor and Head of Department, Kalbash, Treasure”.

– His most recent work was a question mark series with the artist Mohamed Ragab, last Ramadan.

His works amounted to 14 works between cinema and drama.

– He was thinking of introducing the second part of Caboria, and he said about it, before his death, that it is still an idea, and he did not rise to a project, but he is enthusiastic about it, and it will not be a copy of the first part.

– On the success of his last series, a question mark, he said: “The author of the work concealed the ending for us, which is what served us in acting.”

– He defended himself because of the attack on him after the Kalbash show, saying: “Akef Abu El-Ezz’s character was dead in my view, and therefore I used Poker Face, without any expressions, but he exploded and changed his performance after the scene of the confrontation with his father.”

On his comparison with his father, he said that this motivated him and made him develop, adding: “I started acting after my father’s death, and I never used his name to ask for a job, compared to my father, as if you were hiding me with the lion in a cage.”

– On the tradition of Muhammad Ramadan and Amr Saad of Ahmed Zaki, he said: “Anyone has the right to be influenced by my father, he belongs to everyone, but I try to separate from him completely and not be affected, because the original exists.”

– Haytham celebrated his engagement to Engy Salama, in January 2018, at a ceremony that was restricted to some close friends.

– In the early hours of November 7, 2019, everyone was surprised by the news of the death of Haitham Ahmed Zaki at his home.

– During the funeral, the body was delayed, which was justified by the artist Ashraf Zaki that there was no first-degree relative of Haytham to receive, and that he signed a pledge after communicating with the Attorney General and receiving the body.

Recently, a crisis arose because of Ahmed Zaki’s holdings in his apartment in the pyramid, and that the heir of Haitham, half-brother Rami Ezzeddin Barakat, sold the apartment, which he inherited in the apartment, but Rami and his father made it clear that these things were left in the way of trustworthiness with the new owner of the apartment, and that the holdings would be delivered To the Ministry of Culture.


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