This is how a famous British writer got rid of the worst symptoms of Corona


Source: Dubai –

British writer JK Rolling, author of “Harry Potter” novels, announced on Monday that she has recovered from what she suspected Corona Virus The newborn, after two weeks of illness.

In detail, Rolling wrote, on her Twitter account, a tweet explaining what happened with her and explaining that over the past two weeks, she had been experiencing all symptoms of Covid-19, but she had not tested.

She posted a video of a breathing technique that she said helped her overcome her worst symptoms, which was recommended by her husband, who is a doctor in the United Kingdom.

Then she added: “I have fully recovered, and I want to share a method that the doctors have recommended me, does not cost anything, and does not cause any side effects, but it may help you or help your loved ones a lot, as happened to me.”

Rolling (54 years) owner of the series “Harry Potter” books and films of the same name, is admired by millions around the world. .

The growing list includes actors Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, American pop singer Pink, and British Crown Prince Charles.


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