They forced them to sign work on leave without pay to fire them and deny them insurance


Saeed Al-Ajal (Echo):

One of the companies operating the contributions of a major telecommunications company in the Kingdom (retains an echo in the name of the two companies) dismissed a large number of its employees during the current Corona pandemic, claiming its inability to pay their monthly salaries despite the issuance of the Royal Decree that the state bears 60% of the salaries of private sector employees.

The company, according to what was reported by some of those affected by the dismissal to Sada, sent emails to its employees asking them to sign the work without pay, on April 6, 2020 or dismissal, and when the majority signed, they were surprised a few days later by issuing the dismissal decision, even though some of them had more than a year in this company .

And let the matter stop at that, because the dismissal decision was issued six days before they signed the approval of work without pay, specifically on March 30, 2020, and the biggest calamity is that the company cancels the insurance for all of their dismissals, leaving them facing the painful fate of them and their dependents and their other financial obligations.

The affected persons, whose name and numbers are preserved by Echo, indicated that the dismissed persons are large, calling on the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to intervene urgently to solve their problem.

The company reconnected to the dismissed, demanding the presence of one employee in each branch, after the partial ban after pressure from the major telecommunications company, but the dismissed refused this, for fear of the same fate in the event of applying the total curfew even though they were after the Ministry of Interior’s decision to partially ban.

Sada maintains evidence of those affected who were not even able to purchase requirements and supplies for the holy month after their dismissal.


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