They die because of corona … something strange happens in the blood of some patients


Doctor Craig Coopersmith woke up as usual early in the morning and grabbed his phone to write to the ICU team leaders, in ten hospitals affiliated with Emory University in Atlanta, writing “Good Morning Africa Coffed”, asking about their newcomers, every day.

One of the doctors answered that he had noticed a strange matter that happened to the blood of a new Coronavirus patient, as it coagulates, which leads to strokes, although he was given fluidized blood medications.

But a second doctor replied that he saw a similar thing. A third doctor interfered, and soon all the doctors had written in the chat app, they noticed the same strange matter.

One of the doctors responded that one of his patients had a strange blood problem. Despite being placed on anticoagulants, the patient was still developing clots. Soon everyone in the text chat reported a similar incident.

Doctor Coopersmith moved from the narrow application of patients to ten hospitals, and put the matter to other medical centers, also to answer that they noticed the same thing, to discover a big surprise, which is that the problem occurs for between 20 to 40 percent of Covid patients -19.

The matter led to a debate among some doctors on communication applications, about the proposal to give blood thinners, in order to protect all patients with the emerging coronavirus, and to avoid complications from clotting.

Last Friday, on his 18th day in intensive care due to an infection with the emerging corona virus, doctors cut one of the legs of the artist, Nick Cordeiro, 41, at a Los Angeles hospital after suffering from blood clotting there.

And with the blood-thinning medications he got to treat the clotting problem, it developed into an internal stomach bleeding.

And after doctors believed early in the emergence of the emerging corona virus, that it mainly targeted the lungs, researchers have come to see that it also attacks the kidneys, heart, intestines, liver and brain.

With the passage of time, doctors are increasingly reporting that they see an evolution in the complications of the disease disturbingly that they have not seen it in scientific books nor trained in it.

For example, they note that patients with severe hypoxia, get close to death, talk and hold on to their phones, and on the contrary, they may see other patients with slight Covid-19 disease, and their condition quickly deteriorates and die.

Doctors note that some patients who had mild symptoms and were allowed to go home, their condition quickly deteriorated and died within minutes.

Practically an autopsy showed that the lungs of some of the injured people were filled with hundreds of thromboses or small clots, and a crisis occurs when a larger clot separates and travels to the brain, causing a stroke, or storming the heart and leading to a heart attack.

“The problem we face is that while we understand that there are people who are infected with the virus with a stroke, we do not yet understand the cause of this stroke, we do not know, and therefore, we are afraid,” said Louis Kaplan, physician at the University of Pennsylvania, president of the Critical Care Medicine Association.


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