They broke through the territorial waters .. Saudi Arabia detains two Egyptian fishing boats with 71 fishermen on board


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A number of fishermen in the city of Matareya, Dakahlia, revealed, on Monday, that the Saudi authorities detained two Egyptian fishing boats carrying 71 individuals, most of them from Dakahlia Governorate.

The fishermen confirmed that the two boats were named “Baraka” and “Beautiful Patience” with 71 people on board, most of whom were from Al-Matareya city. “Corona”, after arresting them, for fear of transferring any infection to the Kingdom.

Abdullah Al-Shaer, from the Young Fishermen’s Association in Al-Matareya, told Al-Masry Al-Youm: “The first boat is named (Baraka), and its head is Rashad Ahmed Al-Sayed Aloush from Suez, with 32 fishermen on board other than the head of the boat and a mechanic and an assistant, and entered the Saudi territorial waters on April 21 this year and the boat The second name is (a beautiful Sabra) and its president, Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Al-Jaraihi, and his fame, Hamada Al-Jaraihi, is from Suez, with 33 fishermen from Al-Matareya city other than the head of the boat, a mechanic, and an assistant.

He added: «The two vehicles left the Branis Port in Suez on April 13th and headed for fishing in the territorial waters, but due to weather conditions and winds, they deflected inside the territorial waters of Saudi Arabia and the two crew were arrested completely.

He pointed out that boats go fishing in international waters near Saudi Arabia because of the quality and diversity of fish in that region.

He continued: “The fishermen sent appeals to their families and friends in Matareya immediately after the boats were detained to inform them of the arrest and to notify the Egyptian and foreign authorities of their arrest to intervene with the Saudi authorities to release them, but unfortunately the contact was interrupted two days ago.”

On his part, Abdo Al-Rifai, Captain of the Fishermen in Matareya and the President of the Fishermen’s Association, told Al-Masry Al-Youm: “All Egyptian security and foreign authorities have been informed of the fact that the two boats were detained and the crew were arrested in full. The Egyptian embassy in Saudi Arabia to communicate and check on them. ”

He said: “The Saudi authorities signed a medical examination for them and took corona swabs and they are treated well and there are contacts between Egypt and Saudi Arabia to release them.”

He added: «We are also currently conducting a social research for their families to pay social assistance benefits that help them during the holy month after the absence of their family and the source of their income has stopped.

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