These schools have deducted 70% of teachers ’salaries … Here are the details


Faten Al-Hajj wrote in the newspaper “Al-Akhbar” under the title “collective punishment for teachers: withholding 70% of salaries.” Salaries have reached 70% in some schools, including evangelical and Catholic schools, which are satisfied with half of the salary or 40%, and St. George’s schools in Hadath (to its artist, Ragheb Alama), who decided to give 30% of the salaries for this month, despite receiving premiums, according to teacher sources that She seemed reluctant to make any position.

Once again, salaries departments used a pressure sheet to put teachers in the face of parents, in violation of the laws that impose them to adhere to teachers ’contracts and conditions of work. This came in light of the return of the tone of some demanding that the state cover teachers ’salaries from the public treasury, based on the fact that education is a right for citizens, and the state must secure its cost, either by giving private schools the same cost to the student in public schools, or by paying teachers’ salaries.
According to the teachers ’sources, there are schools that triggered the crisis, while the parents and the parents have no financial or academic argument for not paying the rights. A statement issued by teachers representing all departments in the Evangelical School in Sidon pointed out that “the educational body from the beginning of the crisis until today fulfills its duties through distance education, communicating with students, answering the questions asked, and sending assignments and correcting them.” The teachers felt that “giving us a rate of 40% From salaries for the month of March, regardless of loans, it is not sufficient to meet the basic needs in light of the extreme cost. ”They informed the administration that they will stop carrying out their duties at all levels, in opposition to the unfairness of their rights and given that they have benefits and obligations.” To read the full article Press here.


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