Theater actor Bruce Myers dies


Theater actor Bruce Myers dies

He passed away at the age of 78 (Gim Linas / Getty)
Theater actor Bruce Myers dies

April 16

British actor Bruce Myers, who accompanied the famous theater director Peter Brock in much of his work in France, died in Paris at the age of 78, according to Beau de Nord Theater.

“The outstanding actor Bruce Myers left us, who is a great theater performer,” said Peter Brook, 95, in a statement released by the Parisian theater that revived him in the 1970s.

Myers, who was also a director, was born in 1942 in Radcliffe in England, and he has acted in many of Brock’s works, especially plays by William Shakespeare, among them “Timon Athenian” (1974), “The Sa`a al-Sa`a” (1978) and “The Storm” (1990) and Hamlet (2000).

He was one of the representatives of Brock’s famous epic work “Mahabarata” (1985), “The Bird Conference” (1979) and “I’m a Phenomenon” (1998).


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