“The World Conscience” conferred the artist Nidal Al Shafei’s doctorate



Hisham Lasheen
Nidal Al-Shafi’i while receiving an honorary doctorate

Nidal Al-Shafi’i while receiving an honorary doctorate

In cooperation with the London Academy in England, Human Rights Consortium granted Egyptian actor Nidal Al Shafei an honorary doctorate in the arts, for his pioneering role in art, and his distinguished roles that serve the country and the citizen.

The reasons for granting the degree to Al Shafi’i included being a distinguished artist who contribute in providing support to all charitable, social and artistic activities, and also helps the organization spread the message of peace, peace and love among peoples.

The organization, led by its Director General, Dr. Mina John Youssef, and Dr. Marwa Saleh, Director of the Cairo Branch, wished more progress and success for “Al-Shafi’i” in his work that serves the country and the citizen.

Al-Shafi’i participates in the series “An attack on the apostate,” which deals with one of the Egyptian intelligence stories, and it is presented during the month of Ramadan, where he presents the personality of an intelligence officer. Ahmed Alaa.

Nidal al-Shafi’i also finished filming his scenes in the “Dungeon 7” movie, written by Hussam Moussa, directed by Abram Nashat, and co-starring Ahmad Zahir and Maya Nasri, in which he embodies the personality of “Mansour”.

Nidhal Al-Shafei is a graduate of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, Department of Acting and Directing in 1999, and participated in many works of art such as “Tamer and Shawkeya” series, which was the beginning of its launch.

Nidal participated in the championships of “Malaki Alexandria”, “Ibrahim Al Abyad”, “Bubus,” “Jarasnira”, “Al-Diller”, and series such as “Watch Proof”, “Critical Moments”, and “Naji Atallah Band” , “Vertigo”, “Doubt” and more.


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