The “We Will Win” campaign against Corona raises Nawal’s Kuwaiti prisons


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Followers on social media circulated a video of Kuwaiti Nawal, waving crying, “Cars of Victory” campaign, which urges Kuwaitis to stay in their homes, to ward off the threat of the spread of Corona virus.

Nawal appeared in the video, which is circulating and that CNN in Arabic cannot independently verify his health, with a child who has been tweeting about the campaign cars while they were passing by in front of their house, while the singers said the Kuwaiti singer shed tears, and the voice of her husband, the singer and composer Meshal Al-Arouj. From your car speakers, he says: “Stay alone with your children … for Kuwait’s sake … so the house.”

Also, Nawal Al-Kuwaiti, through her official account on “Instagram,” published impressive videos of the awareness campaign launched by the authorities in her country, to confront the threat of the spread of the new Covid 19 virus, under the tag “We shall win.”

Nawal commented on one of the videos that shows the streets of Kuwait empty: “From today our messages begin … floating around the areas of Kuwait and bringing you to me with you.”

Nawal Al-Kuwaiti also sent video messages to her citizens, urging them to abide by their homes, to protect against corona, and saluted the government’s efforts in facing the threat of the spread of the virus, and called for closer to God in this ordeal.


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