The upsurge of “streaming” platforms in the Gulf


The spread of the Corona virus, which strikes most of the countries of the world, has enabled Gulf “streaming” platforms. These platforms have been offering shows to their followers at the lowest possible financial costs, in addition to broadcasting various dramatic projects that meet the majority of tastes of followers who adhere to the home stone. In this context, it was remarkable that the STARZPLAY service activated some of its activities during this period to gain a wide segment of followers. The platform, which was born in 2015 and has exceeded one million subscribers, is currently preparing to start producing original Arabic works in partnership with Image Nation. The platform notes that what distinguishes it from “Shahid” and “Netflix”, it focuses on three main axes: content, distribution and payment options. It has built a constructive partnership with 21 telecom companies in the region to provide subscription service with prepaid or postpaid phone bills. An order that guarantees subscribers the ease of use and flexibility to pay for the subscription, without the need to use bank cards. For its part, the Viu platform is currently active, and it is preparing to present the Ramadan series “Your share that befalls you”, which is co-produced and starring Jesse Abdo and a bouquet of Gulf actors. The platform offers a wide range of Indian, Korean and Thai series, as well as romantic and comedies, and some original releases. For its part, “Joey” platform is intensifying its work during this period, and is preparing soon to launch series previously filmed by Corona virus. In short, the coming period will witness a remarkable activation of the Gulf ‘Streaming’ platforms that have been strengthened with the Corona virus, and will complete this path for the month of Ramadan, which comes at the end of this month, as it will intensify its dramatic and productive presence.


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