The United Nations praises the Emirates’ generous support to African countries in the face of Corona – Across the Emirates – News and Reports


The United Nations Organization praised the generous support of the United Arab Emirates and its humanitarian efforts to transfer medical and protection supplies from the emerging Corona virus “Covid-19” to the countries of the African continent.

In a statement distributed today in Geneva in conjunction with the announcement of the launch of the first United Nations air solidarity flight to transport medical supplies to African countries, the World Food Program affirmed that the UAE, through the WHO’s regional logistical center in Dubai, played a major role in preparing and shipping these supplies Where you need it most.

For her part, Elizabeth Beers, a spokeswoman for the World Food Program, told a press conference in Geneva that the largest shipment since the beginning of the outbreak of the new Corona epidemic started from the UAE to Bole airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Al-Mundhiri, WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean said that these medical supplies to countries with the weakest health systems will enable the people who live there to take the necessary tests and treatment while ensuring that the health workers on the front lines are properly protected.

The Elizabeth Beers said the shipment – which was flown on an Ethiopian chartered plane in the name of the World Food Program (WFP) which is carrying out the logistics of the UN response campaign to combat the Coronavirus epidemic – will depart from Addis Ababa to other African countries and includes 1 million masks, face masks, gloves, goggles, dresses, masks and medical aprons Thermometers as well as respirators, and these protective equipment will be sufficient to protect health workers while treating more than 30,000 patients across Africa.

For his part, David Beasley, Executive Director of the World Food Program confirmed that the World Health Organization is committed to delivering vital medical supplies to the front lines to protect health workers, pointing out that these air bridges of the World Food Program need full funding and the program is ready to transport health and humanitarian workers to the lines Front and also medical charges.

For his part, Dr. Tedros Adhanum Gebrius, Director-General of the World Health Organization, said that the solidarity trip to Ethiopia is part of a larger effort to ship life-saving medical supplies to 95 countries … expressing his thanks to the government of the UAE, the African Union, the government of Ethiopia and all the partners for their solidarity with the African countries At this critical moment in history.

To that, the World Health Organization said that its logistic center in Dubai employs a team of seven people around the clock to send more than 130 shipments of personal protective equipment and laboratory supplies to 95 countries in the six regions of the WHO.

The World Food Program spokeswoman indicated that the organization needs to finance the remainder of $ 350 million to establish these vital humanitarian hubs around the world to facilitate the storage and dispatch of essential medical shipments and the establishment of air transport links for goods and individuals and the provision of air passenger services necessary for operations and contracting with charter ships and others, including the Solidarity trips.

She said that the program has so far received only 24% of this funding, which is estimated at about $ 84 million.



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