The UAE Publishers Association launches an innovative initiative package


Sharjah 24 – WAM:
The Emirates Publishers Association announced a package of measures and initiatives aimed at supporting the Emirati publisher, through plans that enable them to follow up on their work, and devised new working mechanisms and methods, to continue to provide knowledge content, and the issuance of books and scientific and creative materials.

This came during the fifth meeting of its board of directors, which was held remotely via the Internet, with the participation of Ali bin Hatim, president of the Association of Emirati Publishers, Iman bin Shaibah, vice-president of the association, Dr. Al-Yazia Khalifa, member of the board and secretary, and Abdullah Al-Kaabi, member of the board of directors, and Rashid Al-Kous, the association’s executive director, Maryam Al-Obaidly, director of Corporate Communications, Rawan Dabbas, director of international relations, and Majd Al-Shehhi, publisher relations director.

The meeting approved plans to encourage publishers to publish audio and electronic books, as the association will provide a set of specialized offers and discounts in the field of producing audible or electronic content, and will support and publish 100 electronic books for Emirati publishers, among the major global publishing sites such as “Amazon Kindle”. IBooks, and Kobo. ”

The meeting decided to organize a series of introductory meetings between Emirati publishers and foreign publishers and publishing institutions and bodies from around the world, via the Internet, to help publishers continue to make deals, and learn about the opportunities available at the present time.

The association sponsors, by arranging several online meetings with institutions and bodies in the country, to discuss ways to reduce the costs of publishers’ participation in book fairs, reduce trade fees and taxes, printing costs, registration fees and renewal of licenses, and obtain discounted prices for promoting books and other topics.

Ali Bin Hatim explained, We are fully aware at the Emirates Publishers Association, the importance of coming up with new work mechanisms and an innovative thinking approach, opening the way further for publishers to enter into new markets, and we look at the current changes as a catalyst for change, and unify efforts and cooperation at all levels.

He added that the association, since its inception, was keen to stand by the publishers, and to provide them with all kinds of support and support for them, whether through new ideas, or by activating bridges of cooperation and coordination with the various agencies working in the sector to facilitate their work.


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