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Today, the UAE government held a regular briefing in Abu Dhabi to update the latest developments and cases related to the new Corona virus emerging in the country, in which Dr. Farida Al Hosani, the official spokesman for the health sector in the UAE, spoke about the developments of the precautionary measures taken to prevent the virus, alongside Hamid Rashid Al-Muhairi, an official spokesman from the Ministry of Economy about the measures taken in the economic sector.

241 New case.

Dr. Farida Al Hosani announced during the briefing the registration and monitoring of 241 new cases of newborn corona (Covid-19), which was identified through the examination of contacts of previously announced injuries, and with the registration of new cases the total number of diagnosed cases reached 1505 cases in the UAE .
Dr. Farida explained that the recorded cases are due to different nationalities, all of which are stable and are subject to the necessary health care. She also pointed out that the increase in the number of injuries is due to the lack of commitment of the preventive and preventive measures, physical spacing and quarantine procedures, in addition to cases related to travel abroad.
On the other hand, Dr. Farida said, “We regret announcing the death of a 53-year-old Arab national, due to the complications of infection with the virus, and with the death case, the total number of deaths in the state reached 10 cases, with sincere condolences and sympathy to the family of the deceased and his family, and affirmed the government’s eagerness Emirates to communicate with them, provide the necessary support to them during this period, and facilitate the implementation of any measures to support them.

125 A state of recovery in the state.

And Dr. Farida Al Hosani announced that 17 new cases of people infected with the newly infected Corona virus Covid-19 have recovered and have fully recovered from the symptoms of the disease after receiving the necessary health care since she was admitted to the hospital.

On the other hand, Dr. Farida clarified that the increasing number of cases in the country is an expected result, after pre-emptive and extensive examinations, which are conducted by the competent authorities on a large scale to detect injured and contacts, and that this proactive procedure for research and investigation in addition to the expansion of the scope of isolation for cases of contact with important factors in This stage, and therefore with the expansion of the scope of the examination, we are expected to witness more cases in the coming period.

Dr. Farida appealed to the public the need to adhere to physical distance and apply the preventive measures adopted periodically, as she said, “Your exit is not necessary and your injury, God forbid, is a danger for you and those around you. While calling on the public not to publish rumors and false news, and to anticipate events, without waiting for the official decisions in it, she said, “Today we are all responsible for the success of national efforts to combat the Corona virus.”

Wearing gags is necessary for all audiences

Dr. Farida Al Hosani indicated that wearing masks is necessary for all audiences in the current period when leaving the home, whether for people who have symptoms, or who do not.

She clarified that the data and previous studies confirmed that wearing the mask, in public places, is limited to people who suffer from respiratory symptoms such as coughing, coughing, etc., and not everyone, and governmental measures have been taken in this regard, such as imposing fines on violators, and with our continuous follow-up to all studies and research, And based on the international recommendations, which recently confirmed the possibility of infecting a percentage of people without showing any symptoms to them, and thus the possibility of transmitting the disease to other people.

Regarding the specifications and stipulations of the muzzles, Dr. Farida said, “Some people may indicate their lack of availability in some sales outlets, or even the inability of some groups to purchase them. Here we confirm that the alternative option in the absence of a medical mask is to cover the nose and mouth and using paper masks, or Home-made masks made of cotton or mixed cotton, making sure to re-wash them, and these masks may contribute to reducing the spread of the disease.

The continuity of the national sterilization program

Dr. Farida mentioned during the briefing that the approval of the continuity of the national sterilization program is important and the approval of its evaluation periodically, as the decision to continue it came after the success of the first stages of the program, and the sterilization of many regions and facilities, and in the various emirates of the state, and in accordance with the precautionary procedures followed in the state, and recommendations WHO, and approved international practices.

She stressed the importance of the continuity of cooperation from the public to make it successful during the coming period and commitment to any additional directives in this regard, especially that the local authorities in each emirate will develop their own sterilization plans and implement them in proportion to the needs of the facilities and facilities in them.

Forming a central operations room to deal with economic challenges

For his part, Hamid Rashid Al Muhairi, official spokesman of the Ministry of Economy, stressed during the media briefing that the economic sector is one of the sectors most affected by the repercussions of the spread of the new Corona virus, and that the national economy of the UAE is a competitive and resilient economy, linked to various global markets, and therefore it is not isolated from Effects of the current crisis.

“In the framework of its efforts to face the repercussions of the crisis, the Ministry of Economy worked in cooperation with the relevant authorities to ensure business continuity and raise readiness to form a central operations room that includes major work teams to deal with expected economic challenges, including the retail and retail outlets team, the supplier team, and the monitoring and consumer protection team , The tourism team, and the foreign trade and investment team. ”

The Spokesman reviewed a number of measures that have been implemented to date related to retail and retail outlets, coordination with suppliers, supervision and consumer protection, as a database has been established with the registered main sales outlets, numbering more than 1,600 outlets in various state markets, and a plan has been drawn up The quantities of stock available in the country, from basic commodities continuously.

Reducing customs procedures from two days to hours only

Al-Muhairi stated that joint coordination between suppliers and sales outlets has been made to ensure the provision of goods to these outlets at reasonable prices, and the Ministry has coordinated with customs authorities and departments in the country to facilitate entry of food and basic commodity shipments “from the port to the warehouse” as customs procedures have been reduced from two days to hours only.

Al-Muhairi added that cooperation has been done with suppliers to diversify the sources of import and find alternative markets for food and basic commodities. For any commodity affected by the precautionary measures applied by the importing countries, or as a result of the impact of shipping movement, there are a number of ready alternative markets, to quickly meet the market need.

“The supervision and consumer protection team in the ministry works in cooperation with the concerned authorities to monitor prices and implement inspections on the market periodically to secure consumer protection, implement relevant policies and laws, and follow up on the extent of compliance with them. The number of employees, centers, Consumer protection complaints in the ministry, during this period, to receive all consumer complaints, and take the necessary measures, and we set a higher limit, which all sales outlets adhere to, with regard to sterilizers and gaskets prices, so that the profit rate does not exceed 5%.

Consumer awareness.

In a message addressed to the public about consumer awareness, Hamid Al-Muhairi stressed that during this crisis, some unhealthy consumer practices have been spread, foremost of which is the purchase and storage of exaggerated quantities. He said, “These practices are unnecessary, and our markets, thank God, do not suffer any shortage and the supply and import process is done according to The plan is in place, domestic production continues, and stock is available for long periods. ”

The tourism sector is the most affected and fastest recovering sector after the crisis

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Economy stated that “the tourism sector is one of the sectors most affected by the current crisis as a result of the measures to suspend travel as well as restrict movement. However, the tourism sector in the UAE has strong capabilities, and it is expected that it will be one of the first sectors to lead the recovery phase after the crisis, and quickly “.

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