The true story of the “funeral dance” video that is sweeping the Internet due to Corona


Who would have thought that an “unconventional” funeral ceremony in Ghana would turn into a daily dose of laughter for all and gain global reach, in light of the sad crisis sweeping many countries as a result of the Corona epidemic.

With the news of many deaths due to the epidemic, the video of the funeral dance has spread widely, as a comic tool to educate people that those who do not follow the virus prevention measures may meet the same fate.

The videos also include comic situations ending in painful injuries, which conclude with a clip of a group of men dancing to the sound of music carrying a coffin at a funeral.

Even the same passage was used when the US oil prices collapsed to below zero, and the men appeared carrying a barrel of oil instead of a casket.

These guys work for a funeral office in Ghana, and their first video clip, released in 2015, was posted on YouTube, according to “Know Your Meme”.

The clip was filmed at a real funeral where dancing with the shroud is a prevailing social custom in Ghana, by giving the deceased the opportunity to a distinguished funeral instead of holding a traditional ceremony.

The clip spread widely and received more than four million views on YouTube and did not include any music clips at the time.

In 2019, another Facebook video of the same group spread to another funeral, and immediately after they started dancing the coffin suddenly fell to the ground.

Facebook users reacted extensively to the incident, with around 3,000 comments, 4,600 posts, and more than 350,000 views in one year.

In February this year, the video was republished on the “Tik Tok” application after placing the famous music that is now associated with it, and was used in several situations, including those related to the Corona virus and the need to constantly wash hands and adhere to social distance to avoid infection and possible death.


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