“The transfer of the soma to the Hilal, the European offers and the youth negotiations” … Salem Al-Dossary detonates it


“silence A lot to finally come out with fiery statements. “This is how Salem Al Dossari, the star of Nadi, is The glittering crescent, which has set off surprises in bulk, over the past few hours.

Al-Dossari, 28, is one of Al-Hilal’s sons, who were graded in various Sunni groups, before climbing to the first football team in 2011, where he has played 215 games since then, during which he scored 39 goals and made 34 others.

Al Dossary revealed in statements to radio “mbc-fm, About the fact that he almost joined the youth club, at the beginning of his football career, announcing that he had received attractive European offers, to leave the Crescent.

The star of Al-Hilal pointed to some people who played an important role in his football career, led by Al-Hilal legend and Saudi team Sami Al-Jaber.

* The following is the most prominent statement made by Salem Al-Dosari, during his radio statements, during which he revealed many major surprises..

– I entered into negotiations with the youth club, at the beginning of my move to Riyadh.

– The third Asian Final, making Al Hilal more experienced and able to achieve the title.

My goal at Al Ittihad is to win the AFC Champions League 2019.

– Villarreal, Spain, asked me to continue, after the end of my loan in June 2018.

– I received European temptations, including a team from the English Premier League.

– I am a person who loves to challenge in the presence of the seven foreign players.

– I get criticism from the fans, because sometimes they don’t know what the coach is asking me.

When criticism abounds against me, I respond in only one place to the “stadium”.

I lived happy moments with Sami Al-Jaber, as he brought out my best.

– My relationship with Prince Abdul Rahman bin Mosaed and Prince Nawwaf bin Saad, the relationship of his two brothers.

– President Fahd bin Navel, presents a tremendous job at Al Hilal Club.

– I hope that Al-Hilal will sign a contract with Omar Al-Soma, because it will add a lot to the team.


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