The Syrian government allows to complete the filming of the Ramadan series


Today, the Syrian government has agreed to continue filming TV dramas after being arrested about two weeks ago due to the Corona virus.

The approval was conditional on the necessity of adhering to the principles of health procedures that must be followed to confront the spread of the virus.

The Film and Television Industry Committee in Syria submitted a request to the Ministry of Information a few days ago, to allow the completion of the completion of artistic works of the private sector, which were suspended due to government measures taken to counter the spread of Corona.

The committee explained its request for the approaching Ramadan offers, and for the production companies to enter into contracts with the satellite stations.

And the request of the Ministry of Information addressed to the Prime Minister yesterday, Tuesday, that “these companies undertake to abide by a number of health and preventive measures.”

Production companies will adhere to a number of health measures, including reducing the number of technical staff, having a mechanism to sterilize the filming location, setting up monitors by the ministry on the filming sites, in addition to the company’s commitment to the costs of setting up the staff in a hotel until the end of filming.

All staff will be quarantined for a period of 14 days after the end of filming at the hotel.

And the jobs that will come back to photography are Chicago Street, Interview with Mr. Adam, Portrait, Saqqar, Souk El Harir.

The approval also included the General Cinema Foundation, specifically “The Journey of Joseph”.

The Syrian government decided at the end of last March to stop filming all films and series in the country, with the aim of limiting the spread of the Corona virus.


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