The Syrian drama is suspended, the technicians are stuck … and the government is thinking!


                 The main action heroes fall into five consecutive parts 
    <p>Meanwhile, some Syrians working in the drama are still stuck in Lebanon despite the resumption of filming some series. However, there are technicians whose series have finished filming, or a decision has been taken to postpone it until after Ramadan, or offer work to departments, but they are still stuck in Lebanon because of the closure of the borders with Syria. An order to push these people to seek help from the Artists Syndicate to try to find solutions for them without finding the voice, especially that these people may find themselves in trouble in the event that the productive parties raise their hand and leave their residency and expenses on their personal account. It is a burden that they cannot bear. On the other hand, and despite the features that have begun to indicate that decisions may be issued by the Syrian government during the next few hours regarding the issue of filming Syrian series and catching up with the Ramadan season, producer Mohamed Qabnd announced that his series "Chicago Street" (written and directed by Mohamed Abdel Aziz) has been completed. Postponed to after Ramadan, as is the case with the series "Portrait" (written by Talid Al-Khatib and directed by the name of Selka). "Al-Akhbar" learned from reliable sources, who preferred not to reveal its name, that the family of the series "Souk Al-Harir" (written by Hanan Al-Mahraji and supervised by Bassam Al-Mulla), which is implemented by "Maysaloon" company for mbc channels, submitted an official request to the Syrian government in order to obtain approval to resume filming for a period not exceeding 7 days during which the director of the work is able to close his series, even with less time for each episode, and display it on time, without this request finding an answer until today, with the belief that the government may still stick to a decision or allow everyone to return to film, especially since some scenes can To contain groups and a large number of compars! The main action heroes have fallen into five consecutive parts of their series from the start: Bassam Koussa, Salloum Haddad, Karis Bashar, Fadi Sobeih and Nadine Tahsin Bey. As for the story of the series, it is inspired by some Indian films, which are woven in a lofty atmosphere.


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