The Sudanese Sovereign Council condemns the Houthi missile attack on Saudi Arabia


Source: Dubai –

The Sudanese Transitional Sovereign Council condemned today, Wednesday, the Houthi missile attack that targeted Saudi Arabia on Saturday evening.

The Council affirmed that the attack, which “targeted the security of the Kingdom and the safety of its fraternal people, represents a violation of international law.”

The Council called on the international community to assume its responsibilities and stand firmly against the Houthi militia in its attempts to destabilize peace and security in the region.

The Council declared its “solidarity, government and people of Sudan” with Saudi Arabia, and “its support in all its measures to maintain its security, stability and safety of its citizens.”

The Legitimacy Support Alliance in Yemen announced, at dawn on Sunday, that the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces intercepted and destroyed, on Saturday evening, two ballistic missiles launched by the Houthi terrorist militia from Sana’a and Saada towards civilian objects and civilians in the Kingdom.

He explained that the two ballistic missiles were launched towards Riyadh and Jizan.

For its part, the civil defense in Riyadh announced that the shrapnel of the ballistic missile was scattered on residential neighborhoods in separate locations, causing two minor injuries to civilians.


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