The success of Wissam Hanna in casting the series Ser


Sir series succeeded in choosing the right actor in his right place, and the actorWissam HannaIt was a good example of this topic, as he managed to play the role of the bitchy and deviant young man with so many things professionally, that the viewer might believe that he really is.
Through his movements, his way of speaking, and his vocabulary that he used in the role, it appears that he is the actor who mastered his role, which had a great impact on the viewer, making him come out of the handsome young man’s image, and this is not new to Wissam. One of the best.
As usual, he excelled, and he excelled in the “Ser” series, and it was one of the elements that we longed to pursue the work. The series entered the list of most frequently used tags on social media, and was issued in Lebanon and a number of Arab countries, since its first episodes.
Wissam Hanna is a talented Lebanese actor who deserves the opportunities assigned to him and is responsible.


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