The Special Investigation Commission has declined to provide Judge Oweidat with the names of the owners of the remittances abroad


The discriminatory Attorney General, Ghassan Aouidat, revealed that the investigation committee to combat money laundering declined to provide him with the names of persons who made transfers from their accounts in Lebanese banks abroad, and the authority indicated that the banks informed them that the funds in these people’s accounts do not have suspicions.

Judge Aweidat issued a statement in this regard, in which he said: “In response to the letter addressed to the Attorney General at the Court of Cassation, Judge Ghassan Oweidat No. 294 / M / 2020 dated 3/19/2020 next to the Special Investigation Commission (combating money laundering and terrorist financing) in the Bank of Lebanon And the request includes it to provide him with the names of the owners of the said transfers. An answer letter was received on April 23/2020 from the aforementioned authority, which includes in its first clause that all the banks that carried out the transfers abroad between October 17, 2019 and December 31, 2019, reported that there was no Any suspicion of operations or the source of funds deposited in the accounts, and therefore the names that leased Conversions that are not present with the Commission, and it is legally impossible for it to take any decision regarding these accounts or to request banks to provide them with names because there are no suspicions on them, noting that if the law is overrun in this case, this will explain that the Authority is implementing a political decision It strikes the operational independence of the “commission”, which should not be affected by the decisions of its political nature, according to international standards that sponsor the work of financial news units. ”

Judge Oweidat added in his statement: “According to the information, the answer book included in its second clause that with regard to transfers executed between July 1, 2019 and February 19, 2020, work is ongoing on them, and the file has been referred to the Banking Supervision Committee to take the necessary action.”


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