The Spanish League prepares a 4-stage plan for the return of the league



The Spanish League prepares a 4-stage plan for the return of the league


The Spanish Liga League is working on a plan of 4 different stages, to resume the league matches without any risk to the health of players in light of the spread of the new Corona virus around the world.

The LaLiga has sent a report to all Spanish clubs explaining the protocol used in the event of a return to group training, in preparation for the return of international and European championships postponed several weeks ago.

The Spanish “Cuban” network was able to access this report, which consists of 4 different stages, according to the newspaper “AS”.

Javier Tepas, president of the Spanish league and his team, believes that it is necessary to return to training 15 days before the return of the tournaments, in addition to the necessity to follow 4 basic stages: preparing for the exercises (warm-up), training individually, training consisting of 8 players in 3 different groups, and in The end, group exercises.

According to the report, the League believes that it is necessary to isolate the players and the technical staff in a hotel or in its sports city, stressing that these facilities can only be accessed for what is allowed only, and this prevents the transmission of infection, which may cause the local championship to be hindered again.

The important thing in this plan is that the La Liga 72 hours before the tournament resumes, does Corona virus tests for all players in the Spanish League, but also for all those around them in order to implement the isolation protocol for positive cases.

The AS newspaper reported yesterday that there are sources from Real Madrid confirming that the return to group training in “Al-Maringhi” depends on the emergence of an effective treatment or vaccine against the “Covid 19” virus, which scientists have not reached at this moment.

It is noteworthy that the League announced the decision to stop the tournament since the beginning of the Corona virus in Spain, in order to protect the players and the technical staff from infection with this epidemic, specifically after Real Madrid announced that one of its players was injured in the basketball team and canceled the group training until further notice.

Source: Agencies


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