The Spanish government allows clubs to resume training


Source: Madrid – AFP

The Spanish government announced on Tuesday that it will allow professional athletes, including local football league players, to resume individual exercises starting from May 4.

The “La Liga” games have been suspended since last March 12, due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez considered that this decision is the first step in the framework of easing the total closure measures imposed in the country, which will take place in four stages over a period of two months.

Sanchez said: The first stage, or the zero stage, is the preparation for the transitional phase or the phase of easing the procedures that we are in now.

He continued: In the best scenarios, this stage of easing the procedures will require a minimum of six months, while we hope that it will not exceed eight months in all of Spain.

So the full and group rehearsal of the exercises will be in the coming stages. This decision will allow the clubs to resume individual exercises between the players, a protocol that the Spanish Football Federation agreed with the League in early April.

Local reports said players had to undergo a “Covid-19” virus test before returning to training.

They will also be required to access training exercises in their clothes at home, including gags and gloves, as a maximum of six players will be allowed on the field at the same time.

The new corona virus resulted in approximately 24,000 deaths in Spain, which is the third most affected country after the United States and Italy in terms of deaths.


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