The son of a lawyer whose house Nancy Ajram is killed appears and reveals the secret of his photo with her, and his mother announces an important matter (video)


Yesterday afternoon, the son of the Syrian lawyer, Rehab Bitar, who was defending the family of the murdered Syrian youth at the home of the Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram, and published a statement explaining the circumstances of the publication of a picture of his collection with the actress Nancy Ajram years ago.

Adam Afara, son of lawyer Rehab Bitar, said that the person who appeared alongside Nancy Ajram in the photo is already, and that he works as a global concert designer, holds American citizenship, and is known for his cooperation with the most important international stars such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and others, and has a relationship of friendship and respect in most Arab stars.

He emphasized that the date of this photo was taken back to December 2016, when the designer received an invitation to attend one of the episodes of the filming of The Voice, whose artist Nancy Ajram was participating as a member of his jury, and the photo was taken spontaneously between Afara and Ajram in the scenes of filming the famous program.

“Afara” expressed his surprise at the reason that this image dating back to four years was exhumed and published at this time, and the reason for linking the image taken within a personal framework to a general case that follows a clear judicial path according to the legal rules applicable in the procedure, as he put it, considering It is aimed at causing confusion by only some.

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“Afara” concluded his statement by affirming his pride and pride in his mother, lawyer “Bitar”, and at the same time on all the feelings of respect and appreciation for the artist “Ajram”, and he aspires, like any citizen who follows this issue, to the competent judicial decision and the achievement of justice for all parties.

In turn, his mother, the Syrian lawyer, “Rehab Bitar”, announced yesterday, through her accounts on social media, that she withdrew from the case of the murder of the Lebanese artist “Nancy Ajram”, and her defense of the family of the Syrian young man, “Mohamed Al-Mousa”.

She titled the video that I published, “I am confident of my withdrawal and with complete conviction,” and she said: “I announce, in order to preserve my name and place, my withdrawal from the case of Muhammad Al-Mousa and the full-time of my work, because some people struggle to defame my image and reputation and accuse me of destroying the case.”

Al-Bitar pointed out that she presented more of her duties as a lawyer for this case, but some attacked her, and concluded with a wish that God would eventually show who sold the case and worked to foil it.

It is noteworthy that the father of the murdered Syrian youth, “Mohamed Al-Mousa”, appeared recently in a video transmitted by the media, and announced his removal to his lawyer from this case, thanking him for the effort she made, but she refused this requesting an official order to leave the case.

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