The son of a famous Egyptian artist declares his displacement in the streets and asks the King of Morocco to intervene to save him


The audience was surprised by a shocking message from the son of a famous Egyptian artist, who revealed his homelessness in the streets.”Nour” – the son of the Egyptian singer Mohamed Abdel-Muttalib – said that he had become a homeless person on the streets after being expelled from his home in the country of Morocco.

He indicated that he came to Morocco many years ago and that one of his friends gave him an apartment in a building he owned and lived for decades.

He added: When my friend passed away, I was surprised by his widow, who would expel me from the apartment without regard to my age or health.

However, I ask the King of Morocco to intervene and order housing for me, because I will not leave the Morocco that I loved and loved its people until my time comes.


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