The Security Council affirms its commitment to the unity, sovereignty, and independence of Yemen



The Yemeni government welcomed the statement of the Security Council issued on Wednesday, which expressed grave concern over the announcement of the so-called transitional council “self-management of the south” and affirmed the strong commitment of the international community to Yemen’s unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and called for the speedy implementation of the Riyadh Agreement.

The Foreign Ministry also welcomedThe positions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia And with all the statements issued by brotherly and friendly countries and international organizations, which clearly expressed the need to return the conditions in the temporary capital of Aden to before the last announcement of the transitional council and the need to cancel any step that violates the Riyadh agreement and work to accelerate its implementation.

The Ministry stressed the necessity of complying with the transitional council, ending its armed rebellion, canceling its unconstitutional declaration, returning to implement the Riyadh Agreement and its requirements in accordance with its chronic matrix and immediately stopping any procedures or practices that would disrupt and undermine the work of state institutions in the temporary capital of Aden, especially in light of the difficult situation in which they live. Due to natural disasters and the spread of Corona virus pandemic, after the discovery of new cases in the province.

She stressed the need to arbitrate the mind and take into account the catastrophic circumstance awaiting Aden in the event that the transitional council continues its reckless and outlaw behavior.


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