The Saudi Ministry of Health: There is no evidence of the effect of summer heat on reducing Corona


          435 new infections were recorded ... and 889 recoveries            </p><div>

          <p>Saudi Arabia today recorded 435 new infections with the "emerging corona" virus, which were distributed in the cities of the Kingdom.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Ali, spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health, said during the daily press conference that the total number of injuries in the Kingdom was 5369 cases, of which 4407 were active cases, and most of them are stable cases, but 62 cases of them are critical cases receiving intensive care.

Al-Abd Al-Aali added that the total recovery cases reached 889 cases, after 84 new cases were registered, noting that 8 new deaths were recorded in the Kingdom, bringing the total deaths to 73 cases, most of them suffering from chronic diseases.

The spokesman stressed that there is no evidence of the effect of summer heat in reducing «corona», warning of being sucked behind rumors about the virus.

On lifting the curfew, Dr. Al-Abd Al-Ala emphasized that the early lifting of curfews may be negative, indicating that the assessment of the situation continues every day.


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