The Saudi business sector challenges Corona with a national committee for exports


The Saudi business sector challenges Corona with a national committee for exports

Governmental request to assess challenges and opportunities for promoting foreign trade

Tuesday – 5 month of Ramadan 1441 AH – 28 April 2020 AD number number [

Council of Saudi Chambers establishes a National Committee for Exports (Middle East)

Riyadh: Mohammed Al-Hamidi

Amid the economic challenges and the consequences of the outbreak of the Corona virus, the Council of Saudi Chambers adopted the first national committee specialized in the field of exports, aimed at supporting the local industry and enhancing the flow of Saudi products outside the country.
The establishment of the Council of Chambers is a national export committee in defiance of the effects that cast a shadow on the local business and industrial sectors, from which the global economy has not escaped, and it confirms broad optimism about the outcome of the precautions and measures upon which the state is based on strengthening, supporting and resolving a financing program for the private sector.
Although the “Coved 19” pandemic reached its peak, the Council of Saudi Chambers informed all industrial and commercial chambers in the country last March to establish the National Committee for Exports, and even to start practicing its work related to serving Saudi exporters, including factories and companies, in coordination with government agencies. Concerned.
According to official information obtained by Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, government agencies continue to monitor all obstacles and challenges of the national production and export sector. Last year, through a letter sent to the Chambers of Commerce, the General Authority for Foreign Trade requested the participation of the private sector in filling out a questionnaire to assess challenges and obstacles Opportunities to enhance and develop exports and imports.
According to a recent report on the results of his work for the past year, the Council of Saudi Chambers has been active in holding events and activities; where it organized 160 events that included signing agreements, external partnerships, and trade delegations coming and leaving, national committee meetings, business council meetings, chamber affairs meetings, and government agency meetings , And ministerial conferences.
It is known that the Council of Saudi Chambers is an umbrella for the Saudi business sector, and works to represent 28 industrial and commercial chambers in Saudi Arabia, within the framework of achieving the goals of serving the Saudi economy, and transferring the challenges of the business sector to government agencies, through 28 sectoral national committees; it is responsible for discussing issues, concerns and systems of sectors With the competent authorities, it also enhances the conditions of Saudi exports through 42 joint Saudi foreign business councils that follow the council.
The Council of Saudi Chambers provided its services in 2019 to more than 1500 business owners directly, and signed more than 16 agreements, while the number of memberships of the Council of Saudi Chambers locally reached 34 membership, while the number of members of the Council regionally and internationally reached 24 membership.
The number of agreements that the Council contributed to concluding and coordinating internationally and supporting inter-investments with friendly and brotherly countries was 23, while the Council was active in carrying out a number of studies that it had prepared through committees and business councils, providing 37 studies for the private sector.
Ajlan Al-Ajlan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Council of Chambers, confirms that the Council is working on a strategy that aims in its entirety to achieve the “Kingdom’s Vision 2030” to double the local product in partnership with the business sector, stressing that the directions of the Council during the current session (fourteenth) focus on consolidating the concept of partnership with the sector Government, activating the business sector at all levels, and contributing to creating an investment environment that achieves positive growth rates and serves development goals in the “Kingdom’s vision.”
It is worth mentioning that the Council of Saudi Chambers seeks during its comprehensive economic vision to harmonize its goals with the directions of the «Kingdom Vision 2030» regarding economic policies and attitudes towards urgent and important issues, and to develop appropriate solutions to them, such as localization, diversification of the economy, support for exports and national industries, strengthening local content, and attracting Foreign investment, economic empowerment of women, as well as its contribution to the development of the national economy in cooperation and coordination with the chambers of commerce and industry, the business sector and relevant bodies.


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