The Russian Armed Forces receive the most powerful cannon in the world


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The Russian company, “Ural TransMash” (part of “Rostek”), stated that the Russian armed forces began to receive one of the most powerful cannons in the world in its modern version “2C7M – Malka”.

“This is one,” the Russian company’s press office quoted its head, Dmitry Simizurov, as saying to Sputnik. One of the most powerful defender Self-propelled in the world, designed to destroy important enemy targets in the tactical depth of defense behind the front line. At the present time, the supply of upgraded weapons to the Ministry of Defense has begun, in front of “Oral Trans Mach” “a serious task to carry out the serial update of this cannon within the framework of the defense request for 2020-2022.”

The updated equipment acquired a new chassis and electronics, and as a result its tactical and technical characteristics increased dramatically. After completing the Malacca modernization, it completed a full cycle of tests, including bots and fire, during which the characteristics of movement, wear resistance of the undercarriage, power station and transmission were tested, as well as the reliability of loading and fire control mechanisms, and cannon force 2a 44.

2S7M “Malka” is an updated version of the 2S7 “Pune” developed in the eighties and until now it is considered one of the most powerful defenders in the world. 2 S7- Self-propelled gun Propulsion is equipped with 203 mm artillery. He entered service in 1975 and in 1983 it happened the first time.

The cannon can fire high-explosive shells, as well as active ammunition. However, the main advantage of this weapon is the ability to use concrete and chemical missiles, as well as ammunition with a nuclear charge.


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