The residents of Wadi Al-Naml checked in 72 hours … and speakers in Al-Yamania – Saudi Arabia news


The volunteer health teams in Taif used loudspeakers among residential neighborhoods, including Al-Yamania, to call on the residents and urge them to stand in front of the doors of their homes to check the temperatures and ensure that they are free of symptoms of Corona.The Department of Community Participation broadcast videos to educate and guide citizens and residents and invite them to interact and adhere to health precautions. And the missions of the teams in Wadi Al Naml neighborhood continued for about 72 hours in a visual examination of the residents, as it is one of the oldest popular neighborhoods. The teams also moved to the Yamania district in the city center, which is one of the old neighborhoods, with narrow streets and monolithic buildings, and the examination took about 48 hours for the residents. Informed sources confirmed that visits will be made to the rooms of singles and the sites they live in and outside the province to ensure a visual examination of them.


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