The reason for the high prices of livestock despite the abundance of supply (video)


Riyadh (Echo):

The spread of the emerging virus caused the price of livestock to rise in the Kingdom despite the abundance of supplies, as the matter became in the hands of the seller who raised the prices on the pretext of scarce livestock and stopping import.

For his part, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Abdullah Aba Al-Khail, told Al-Ikhbaria channel today, Wednesday, that he excluded the issue of the new virus from the lack of supply.

And Dr. Abdullah Aba Al-Khail confirmed that we are near a very important season regarding the popularity of the livestock market, which is the blessed month of Ramadan, and then the Hajj season, which are high demand for livestock, which is an opportunity for some to raise prices.

The agriculture spokesman said that the ministry placed a ban on countries that were exporting livestock very significantly; after that, the matter that caused it was lifted. The ban on the exporting countries was lifted, in addition to increasing the number of countries that are imported from to 29 countries.


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