The Queen of Britain is depriving herself of her 94th birthday ceremony


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                Queen Elizabeth of Britain decided not to celebrate her ninety-fourth birthday with any special ceremony and requested that there be no salute shots on this occasion after she sensed that this matter would be inappropriate in light of the Corona virus crisis.

                                    <p>Britain has already reached the peak of or close to the outbreak of the Corona virus, and more than 14,000 people have already died in the country due to the virus, the fifth highest toll from a pandemic in one country. There are 150,000 deaths worldwide related to the Corona epidemic.

The salute, which is by firing blank shots from various locations around London, is a tradition that the royal family usually uses to celebrate special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays. Queen’s ninety-fourth birthday will come on April 21.

A source in the royal family said that the queen was careful not to take special measures to allow the firearms to be saluted because she did not feel that she would be fit under the current circumstances.

The source added that it is believed that this is the first time that the Queen has requested such an order since she ascended the throne 68 years ago.

“We will not celebrate Her Majesty’s birthday in any special way this year due to the Corona virus crisis,” ITV correspondent Chris Shep on Twitter quoted a source as saying. Sheep was the first to announce the Queen’s request.

Buckingham Palace had said last month that an offer to celebrate the Queen’s official birthday in June would not be organized in its traditional form in light of the restrictions imposed on gatherings.

The source said that there are no alternative plans for the offer.



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