The price of one “muzzle” is constant at 180 fils and 6 pieces per consumer


Maryam Boughiri

Social media activists shared a list of 13 pharmacies and supermarkets that have medical face masks, including 5 pharmacies, 8 super stores and a hypermarket.

Al-Watan has contacted the owners of the aforementioned stores, which indicate the availability of masks in most supermarkets and hypermarkets in all branches in the regions of the Kingdom, while most of the pharmacies mentioned did not receive the payment of the specified masks so far.

In a monitoring carried out by “Al-Watan”, the price of the muzzles was stable between the mentioned stores at 180 fils per pill, while the price of the muzzles ranged from 25 dinars to 27 dinars, which contains 150 tablets.

Some markets sell only boxes of gags, while others specify the number of gags, ranging from two to 3 per person and between 5 to 6 per person, and the price ranges in total from 850 fils to a dinar, while some sell cloth gags at 300 fils.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism announced last week the introduction of an additional one million medical masks in the markets and pharmacies, bringing the total amount offered to two million medical masks, in order to contribute to the implementation of the precautionary measures undertaken by the Kingdom to deal with the Corona virus (Covid 19), and the ministry announced its coordination with Markets and pharmacies by setting the selling price of one muzzle at 180 fils per piece.

The Ministry canceled its decision No. (18) for the year 2020, fixing the sale price of medical face gaskets, as follows: SURGICAL FACE mask at an amount of 100 / – fils as a consumer price per piece, N95 FACE mask At an amount of 1/400 dinars as the selling price for the consumer per piece, and the quotations mentioned in the previous paragraph will be for a period of 3 months from the date of implementation of the provisions of this decision.


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