The possibility of completing the “Bundesliga” on the ninth of next month


The German Football League may be completed on May 9th.

  • Matches will be without an audience if the season is completed

It is possible that the German Football League will return on May 9th, but without an audience after a forced halt in the context of measures to stop the spread of the Corona virus.

The newspaper “Bild,” today, Friday, that this date “more likely” than the date of the second of May, which was also taken into account in a meeting between officials of the German Football Association, responsible for making this decision.

A spokesperson for the association told Bild: “At the moment, these are just plans that will depend on many external factors.”

Previously, it was revealed that the League was contemplating completing the season with closed matches that only 126 people could attend, including players, technical and medical staff, security officials, representatives of each team, and 30 journalists.

It is noteworthy that the German League, which includes the first and second degrees, was suspended until at least April 30th.

The German third division, managed by the German Football Association, is considering completing the matches on May 16, with the stands remaining empty.

This comes after the president of the German Football Association, Fritz Keeler, considered that the “Corona” virus will bring with him a wave of bankruptcy cases in professional football.

In comments to “Phoenix”, Keeler said that because of the interruption of the season, the threat is increasing that more clubs in the “Bundesliga” will have to declare bankruptcy, and not only in the second and third periodic leagues.


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