The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer sets a promising date for the production of the Corona vaccine


The US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. has revealed a very promising history at which time it will be possible to produce a vaccine to combat the emerging Corona virus, to be used only in emergency situations.

“Pfizer will be ready to roll out the vaccine for emergency use next fall, and to become more ready for large-scale production at the end of the year,” the Wall Street Journal quoted the executive director of the New York-based company, Albert Burla as saying.

He added that “the company will continue to conduct further tests to ensure the effectiveness of the vaccine and its safety,” noting that “the first results are expected in early May.”

The importance of the “Pfizer” announcement lies in the size of the global company, which is among the largest and most well-known and potential in the world, as well as the proximity of the announced date in comparison to the statements of global health experts who expected that the development of the vaccine will take between 12 to 18 months.

Dozens of companies in the world are working on testing drugs and vaccines against the Corona virus, but none of them has yet obtained an international use license.

To date, the World Health Organization says, there is no vaccine and no specific antiviral drug to prevent Covid-19 disease. However, those with it should receive care to relieve symptoms, and according to Global Health, most patients recover thanks to supportive care.

Many consider the vaccine the best way to restore life to normal, as it was before the outbreak of the Coruna virus worldwide. But health experts stress that there are other, no less difficult, things to implement, such as millions of tests and the need for more than tens of thousands of additional health care workers to track and isolate those exposed to the Corona virus, as well as unite countries ’efforts by sharing data.


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