The owners of the shops and workers of the industrial city of Saida have staged a sit-in to demand the return of the work


The owners of shops, industrial establishments, workers and workers in the first industrial city in Sidon carried out a sit-in, during which they issued a “cry for the reopening of their stores within specified hours, taking into account the necessary conditions because the living situation is no longer tolerable due to the conditions in the country.”

Participated in the sit-in, the head of the Saida Merchants Association and its suburbs, Ali Sharif, and the President of the Federation of Trade Unions and Employees in Saida and the South, Abdul Latif Al-Taraki, who supported the workers ’demand, that their stores must be reopened within specific hours during the day, taking into account the preventive health conditions required by the General Mobilization Law, and considering that these Shops are an urgent need for citizens to facilitate their daily affairs, as they do not witness crowds or crowds such as those experienced in food stores, provided that the municipality and the concerned authorities sterilize all parts of the first and second industrial cities periodically.

Al Sharif said: “We, as a trade association, are with this position, and we have been demanding it before, like some of the sectors that have opened. The industrial city is an urgent need for the country while maintaining our public health. We thank the Ministry of Health for the effort it is doing for our safety and the safety of the country, but we are suffering Hunger, as well as the city and the country, “surprisingly,” not paying attention to the owners of these shops and the existing workers, how they live, eat and drink. ”

He demanded that these stores be opened, even for a specified period of four or five hours per day, while maintaining sanitary procedures, sterilization, and state and municipal control.

He pointed out that the request of workers in the industrial city was discussed with Representative Osama Saad about ten days ago, as well as with Representative Bahia Hariri, and this is a follow-up because the municipality is ready to sterilize the entire region.

He stressed that in the industrial city, there are no crowds and overcrowding, compared to food stores. He said: “We urgently need to secure our daily food for us, our workers, and our employees. Hence the cry is great, we are with the preservation of people’s health and we are the first to support the decision to mobilize because it is in the interest of the health of the citizen before the material aspect, but the crisis has prolonged and seems to be continuing, so we hope To cooperate in order for people to earn their livelihoods and to give employees and employees their rights. ” He also called for opening sector stores gradually, even for specific hours.

For his part, Al-Triaki called on the concerned authorities to expedite the provision of assistance to workers, especially in light of these difficult circumstances. He said: “Our workers are suffering under bad conditions. Today we are in the industrial city that includes many workers who receive low salaries, and we came to support them and say that it is right The industrial cities here and in Sinq can open their stores at specified times within health conditions that protect them before they protect others and may not be kept closed. ”

He continued: “Corona united everyone, worker or employer, under a certain line of poverty. If things continue like this, we are in front of a revolution. In order not to reach this stage, these institutions must be opened. We are with the opening of these institutions at a specific time taking into account Health conditions. ”

He pointed out that the commercial market includes hundreds of workers who live from it, stressing that there is no overcrowding or gathering in it if it is opened.

He hoped “to accelerate the provision of assistance to workers, and this is not a favor, because the rights of our workers and people under the situation we live in are no longer acceptable to leave, stressing the readiness of the Union to help with all its elements and volunteers in the event of any security or health plan.

It also appeals to the workers participating in the sit-in, to re-open their stores so that they can provide for their families and withstand under these difficult circumstances, pledging to comply with all required preventive conditions and not to have any gatherings.


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