The number of patients recovered to 54, and 7 injured people were removed from isolation


The Beirut Governmental University Hospital, in its daily report on the latest developments about the Corona Covid-19 virus, announced that the total of laboratory-confirmed cases of the virus currently present in the hospital’s health isolation area has reached 42 cases. He received 16 suspected cases who were transferred from other hospitals.

He also announced the similarity of 4 HIV infections to recover “after the negative results of the PCR examination came both times and got rid of all the symptoms of the disease,” bringing the total number of cases that recovered completely from the start, 54 cases of recovery.

He stated that “according to the directions of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Public Health, 7 cases of coronavirus were taken from the hospital to the home quarantine, after the attending physician confirmed that the patients had recovered clinically and informed them of all measures and instructions related to the home quarantine in terms of dealing With others, personal hygiene, how to eat food, how to get rid of garbage and monitor the temperature daily, “stressing that” all those infected with the Corona virus receive the necessary care in the isolation unit, and their condition is stable except for two cases and their condition is critical. “

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