The number of corona deaths exceeds 50,000


Agencies – The death toll from coronavirus infection in the United States has exceeded 50,000, making it the world’s largest death toll from the deadly virus.

According to the latest data announced by the Hopkins University, during the past twenty-four hours, there were 3000 deaths, and there are now more than 870,000 confirmed cases nationwide.

This grim news comes in conjunction with parts of the United States reopening after several weeks of closure.

In the states of Georgia, Alaska and Oklahoma, some hairdressing salons, bowling salons, and other businesses have begun returning to business from Friday.

The United States has recorded the highest number of confirmed deaths and injuries in the world so far, but in contrast, the population of this country is 330 million, which is much greater than the population of other hardest-hit countries such as Spain and Italy.


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