The new Apple A12Z processor is virtually identical to its previous A12X processor


A new report by TechInsights confirmed that the new Apple processor (A12Z Bionic), which is included in the latest models of the iPad tablet (2020 iPad Pro) similar to the (A12X Bionic) processor included in the 2018 models of the computer (iPad) Pro‌), but with additional core enabled within the GPU.

Speculation began that Apple had used the same chip shortly after the launch of the new iPad Pro models, as early metrics and reviews of the computer indicated that performance was marginally better compared to 2018 models of the iPad Pro.

Apple has not highlighted the changes in CPU performance, but there is one difference: the A12Z Bionic processor features an eight-core GPU, while the A12X Bionic processor contains a seven-core GPU.

Information provided by TechInsights in March indicates that the A12X Bionic processor was equipped with an eight-core GPU but with one core disabled, indicating that (A12Z Bionic) is (A12X Bionic) itself but with unit core enabled Previously disabled graphics processing.

In its press release to announce the new iPad Pro, Apple said that one of the changes to the A12Z Bionic processor was the addition of an eighth core for the GPU, but the new information shows that the company has activated the eighth core within the GPU and changed the processor’s marketing name Just.

It is noteworthy that it is customary for chip manufacturers to disable one core of the processor when the chip does not meet the required production levels, and perhaps this is what happened with the (A12X Bionic) processor, as the chip manufacturing has now improved enough that productivity has become better and all eight cores are working, which Led to the A12Z Bionic chip.

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