The need for conditions in Aden to return to normal



Saudi Arabia stressed, on Tuesday evening, the need to return the situation before the announcement of the Transitional Council for the state of emergency in Aden.

The Saudi King, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, presided over a virtual session of the Council of Ministers, in which the Council stressed what was stated in the Declaration of the Alliance to Support Legitimacy in Yemen that the conditions in Aden and some southern governorates should be restored to before the declaration of a state of emergency by the Transitional Council, and affirmed the cancellation of any step Violates the Riyadh Agreement.

The Alliance for Support of Legitimacy in Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, announced Monday, The need to return the situation to its previous stateFollowing the declaration of the state of emergency by the transitional council through its recent statement and the resulting developments of events in the temporary capital of Aden and some southern governorates of the Republic of Yemen, stressing the need to cancel any step that violates the Riyadh agreement and work to accelerate its implementation, pointing to the widespread international welcome and direct support from United nations.

The coalition indicated that it had taken and still takes practical and systematic steps to implement the Riyadh agreement, which represents the framework that the two parties agreed to unite the ranks of the Yemenis, the return of state institutions, and address the threat of terrorism, and that the responsibility lies with the signatory parties to take clear national steps towards implementing the provisions agreed upon in Matrix of implementation of the chronic agreement signed by both parties.

The US embassy in Yemen on Tuesday stressed the need to return to the Riyadh agreement, rejecting the “unilateral steps” that were taken in Aden.

A statement published by the American embassy in Yemen on its account on Twitter said that the American ambassador Christopher Henzel expressed his concern about the measures taken by the Southern Transitional Council recently in Yemen.

“Unilateral steps such as these only exacerbate instability in Yemen,” said Henzel.

He also considered that “these measures are futile, especially at times when the country is under threat from the Coronavirus.”

The US ambassador called on the Southern Transitional Council to return to the political process stipulated in the Riyadh Agreement.


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