The names of the victims of the official Ramiz Majnoon 2020 program on the frequency of the MBC Egypt channel in Ramadan


Show date Ramez crazy official programThe artist Ramiz Jalal announced the first official poster for a new program in the month of Ramadan, which is the Ramiz Majnoun Official Program 2020, which will be shown during the month of Ramadan on the frequency of MBC Egypt, starting from the first days of Ramadan 1441-2020, andRamez crazy official program It is well known by Arab viewers all over the Arab world and the world.

The date of the presentation of the official Ramez Crazy Program

It is expected that the official Ramez Majnoon program will be shown starting from the first day of Ramadan and throughout the holy month, through the MBC channel screen in Egypt, and the timing of the start of the program will be announced in the coming period, and yesterday the artist Ramez Jalal posted a blog via social media Through which he confirms that the program will be officially presented in Ramadan on MBC Egypt.

Ramez crazy official program
Ramez crazy official program

The frequency of the MBC channel Egypt on Nilesat

Regarding the frequency of the MBC channel Egypt on the Nilesat satellite, for those who wish to enter them into their receivers and follow the new and exclusive programs and series of Ramadan, it is the frequency number 12015 or the frequency 11470, and the coding rate of the channel is 27500, and from here you will find more Mbc masr channel frequency information.

Promo Official Ramez Crazy Program 2020

The names of the victims of the official Ramez Majnoon program

Together, the offer to watch the official Ramez Majnoon program is approaching, and after the announcement in the past two days of the promo of the official Ramez Majnoon Program 2020, which witnessed a great view on social media, the names of many stars that are expected to appear in the new Ramiz Jalal program and prank have been revealed in Ramadan On the MBC Egypt channel, through the official Ramez Majnoon program.

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Among them is the great artist Abdullah Balkhair, who talked about his experience and his participation in the program, and many other stars will appear in the episodes of the Ramiz Majnoon Masri program, among them, Hassan Asiri, Abu Al-Moaty Zaki, alongside Abdel Baset Hamouda, Arwa Gouda, Reham Abdel Ghafour, and Nabila Obaid , Basma, Fafi Abdo, Basem Yakhour and Tareq Hamid, in addition to Yasmine Sabry and Ghada Abdel Razzaq, Ali Maaloul, Yasmine Rais, Umniah Khalil, Mahmoud Kahraba and Badria Tolba

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