The municipality of Al-Ghobeiri warns ovens operating within its scope: those who stop distributing bread will be banned from selling their products


The mayor of Ghobeiri, Maan Khalil, considered that the decision of the Union of Bakeries and Ovens Syndicates to stop the distribution of bread in shops and supermarkets, and to keep selling bread in the furnace halls would lead to overcrowding of citizens in front of the ovens, putting their safety at risk, and an outbreak of the Corona epidemic between them. “Intentionally humiliating citizens in front of ovens constitutes a violation of laws and regulations.”

He announced in a statement, “taking all appropriate measures to prevent the furnaces from distributing bread to food establishments within the municipality of Ghobeiry, by the means that the municipality deems appropriate.”He called on all ovens operating within the municipality of Al-Ghobeiri to “not stop the delivery of bread to distributors, food establishments, or stores, under penalty of taking appropriate measures against the offender, which will be announced at the time”, asking them to “continue to distribute bread and its products within the scope of The municipality, and in case it stops it, the municipality will prevent and prohibit the sale of all its products – bread, cakes, sweets, etc. – within its scope, until further notice, and within the conditions, licenses, and special procedures that the municipality will determine later.

He pointed out that “the municipal police has been charged with implementing this decision and informing those who need it.”


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