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            <span class="created">April 13, 2020</span>
            <p dir="RTL"><span style="background-color: initial;">As the numbers of corona virus pandemic victims continue to rise dramatically, before the clinical trials, the world's eyes turn to the development of a "Covid 19" vaccine that has killed more than 100,000 people so far, infected millions of people and endangering the life of the whole world as a family.</span></p><p dir="RTL">The task of searching for a vaccine or an effective remedy to stop this pandemic has become the greatest concern for scientists who are racing against time to end this mess caused by the epidemic. Here are some vaccines and experimental clinical treatments to save all humanity.</p><p dir="RTL"><strong>Moderna pharmaceutical company experience<span dir="LTR">Moderna</span>" </strong></p><p dir="RTL">Moderna Pharmaceutical Industries in the United States of America was the first to arrive at a vaccine in which clinical trials are conducted in humans. The vaccine consists of the synthesis of nucleic acids called <span dir="LTR">RNA</span> or <span dir="LTR">mRNA</span>, Is genetically engineered in laboratory laboratories.</p><p dir="RTL">And the function of this genetic material, which is called RNA <span dir="LTR">RNA</span> Or the messenger RNA <span dir="LTR">mRNA</span>They are essentially genetic codes, and their function is to direct living cells to build protein within them.</p><p dir="RTL">Moderna is developing these nucleic acids to stimulate cells to manufacture proteins similar to those of the emerging corona virus, and thus enable cells to form an immune response in the human body.</p><p dir="RTL">Moderna is conducting, at the present time, its first stages in experimenting with the vaccine in humans, as it is expected that the second phase of human trials will begin during this spring, or once the summer begins, i.e. with the beginning of next July</p><p dir="RTL"><strong>  Bio Drug Company Experience Distributed<span dir="LTR">Distributed Bio</span>"</strong></p><p dir="RTL">The owner of the Distributed Bio Pharmaceutical Company, Dr. Jacob Glanville, unveiled a few weeks ago, a groundbreaking experiment to eliminate the emerging corona virus by synthesis of antibodies.</p><p dir="RTL">In an interview, Dr. Glanville said: "I am pleased to inform you that my team succeeded in reaching five antibodies that scientists identified in 2002, which were able to integrate and neutralize the SARS virus and have completely stopped its activity."</p><p dir="RTL">During laboratory experiments, researchers synthesized strains of hundreds of millions of antibodies against SARS or acute respiratory syndrome, and were able to isolate a number of antibodies capable of killing the emerging corona virus.</p><p dir="RTL">Currently, Pharma Pharmaceutical Company is awaiting approval to conduct human clinical trials, where between 400 and 600 people who are infected with Coronavirus will undergo hospitalization.</p><p dir="RTL">Scientists will monitor and observe the change in symptoms of the disease within a period of 5 to 10 days. If everything goes well, the vaccine is expected to be reached in September this year at the earliest.</p><p dir="RTL"><strong>Clinical trials of Bioantec and Pfizer</strong></p><p dir="RTL">Pfizer is collaborating with Biotech, two pioneers in the pharmaceutical industry, to produce a vaccine for the emerging corona virus, based on similar experiments by Moderna, which include the synthesis of nucleic acids that stimulate cells in the human body to produce proteins similar to the virus.</p><p dir="RTL">These proteins stimulate the immune response of the human body against the Corona virus.</p><p dir="RTL">However, those trials are still in their early stages and the vaccine has not been piloted yet.</p><p dir="RTL"><strong>Clinical trials at the University of Pittsburgh</strong></p><p dir="RTL">Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in the US state of Pennsylvania developed a vaccine that produced positive results during laboratory animal experiments and stimulated them to produce enough antibodies to "neutralize" the virus's action in mice within two weeks.</p><p dir="RTL">The new vaccine, called Betokovac, is used <span dir="LTR">PittCoVacc</span>, Laboratory-created portions of the protein of the emerging coronavirus, which are able to stimulate immunity within the person’s body.</p><p dir="RTL">The vaccine is given to a person who is infected with the Coronavirus in an innovative way to increase the effectiveness of the medicinal substance in it. Once the patch is applied to the body, these needles dissolve into the skin, stimulating the production of immunity to the virus.</p><p dir="RTL">This method of administering the vaccine is painless and looks somewhat like the use of velcro adhesive (cilia adhesive or hooks frequently used in clothing), says Dr. Luis Fallot, professor and head of the department of dermatology and the author involved in the study.</p><p dir="RTL">These fine needles are made entirely of sugar and contain parts of the synthetic spinal protein inspired by the structure of coronaviruses in general, such as SARS, and are similar to the components of the outer layer that covers the emerging corona virus.</p><p dir="RTL">The first stage of human clinical trials is expected to start in the next few months. However, the authors of the study must apply for approval of the new "investigative" drugs by the US Food and Drug Administration.</p><p dir="RTL"><strong>Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical trials</strong></p><p dir="RTL">Drug giant Johnson & Johnson has partnered with the US Department of Health and Human Health's Advanced Medical Research and Development Authority to develop a vaccine for Covid 19.</p><p dir="RTL">The company revealed that it possessed what it described as "the main candidate for the Corona vaccine." Clinical tests for this vaccine will begin in humans by September.</p><p dir="RTL">And if clinical data shows positive results for vaccine efficacy by the end of 2020, the medicinal product may reach the market within less than a year.</p><p dir="RTL"><strong>Bill Gates funded experiments</strong></p><p dir="RTL">With support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with the cooperation of many other nonprofits with the foundation, a vaccine test called ENO-4800 will be conducted (<span dir="LTR">INO-4800</span>). This vaccine is mainly made from nucleic acids, and is developed by engineering plasmids or molecules of the genetic material, DNA. <span dir="LTR">DNA</span>, And injecting it into the body of a patient with coronavirus to stimulate the body to form special antibodies to kill the virus causing the infection.</p><p dir="RTL">Mostly, these vaccines containing the genetic material DNA are commonly used in veterinary medicine to combat animal diseases, and have not yet been approved for testing in humans.</p><p dir="RTL">And the company env <span dir="LTR">Invio</span> Medicaid is already developing thousands of doses for studies of the first and second stages of the human vaccine experience.</p><p dir="RTL">And if the drug proves to be effective in curbing virus activity if it is tried on humans, the company will be able to produce up to a million doses of vaccine to be ready by the end of the year - but only for emergency use or for the drug to be used in other additional laboratory experiments.</p><p dir="RTL"><strong>Secret Russian experiences</strong></p><p dir="RTL">The Victor Center for Viruses and Biotechnology in Russia is currently developing a special vaccine to fight the Covid 19 epidemic.</p><p dir="RTL">The center revealed that the first stage of clinical trials of three vaccines will begin on June 29. About 180 volunteers will participate in these clinical trials.
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