The Ministry of the Interior, Saudi Arabia: gatherings are totally prohibited in homes and rest houses


Ministry of Interior spokesman Lt. Col. Talal Al-Shalhoub stressed, in a press conference today, the prevention of gatherings for social purposes for more than 5 people, such as wedding events and funeral councils, etc., as well as gathering in public places during times of wandering, calling on citizens and residents, employers to sense responsibility and adhere to precautionary measures And preventive measures. According to Okaz.

The Interior Ministry spokesperson urged all citizens and residents to use the services of the Ministry of Interior through the Absher platform, which keeps them from going and enables them to obtain more than 200 procedural and inquiries services for more than 15 million beneficiaries from their places.

He stressed the necessity of social divergence, and said: In order for life to return to normal, the citizen and the resident are required to apply health and preventive measures. Today, partial curfews are still in our hands when we are familiar with these measures, as the risks of the Corona pandemic are continuing, and the Kingdom is part of the world, and we must be against the virus by spacing Social and commitment to preventive measures.

He affirmed that the security forces and the supporting military forces continue to implement the curfew decision, and apply penalties for violating the decision at the times that the curfew is carried out from five in the evening until nine in the morning in all regions of the Kingdom.

Lt. Col. Talal Al-Shalhoub stressed the importance of obtaining information from its official sources, and not being drawn into what is rumored on social media, noting that the Ministry of Interior has its official accounts through “Snapchat”, “Twitter”, “YouTube” and “Facebook” as well as through an agency Saudi News (SPA).

In response to media questions from the press conference, Lt. Col. Talal Al-Shalhoub reiterated the Ministry of Interior’s assertion that all previously announced decisions are in place, unless another decision comes and postpones or stops them, including preventing travel between the kingdom’s regions and cities mentioned previously, as well as the decision to stop prayer The congregation is in the mosques, unless another decision is permitted to do so.

Regarding gatherings in breaks, and whether the decision to partially lift the curfew allows this, Al-Shalhoub stressed that private gatherings at times of permitting or non-permitting are unacceptable and not permissible at all, and at the time of permitting roaming, no more than 5 people are permitted, calling on everyone to adhere to social separation .

He said: The Ministry of the Interior assures all citizens that they can report any gatherings, whether inside the restrooms, inside the houses, or within the family. Today we are all responsible, and lifting the partial curfew does not mean reverting to the previous habits within the family, so the pandemic continues and the implementation of preventive measures should continue And healthy and social spacing.

Al-Shalhoub asserted that the attendance of work places in all government agencies except the exceptions is still suspended, and that international and domestic flights continue to be suspended for travelers except in exceptional cases, until further notice, and that bus, taxi, and train activity remains suspended until further notice.


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