The Ministry of Health withdraws and stops dispensing medication that may cause hepatic failure – localities – health


The Ministry of Health and Community Protection decided to withdraw all batches from the product Esmya 5mg (Ulipristal Acetate) Tablet and stop its dispensing in pharmacies, due to a new case of liver failure requiring liver transplantation, after taking the product.

In a circular addressed to all health facilities and primary health care practitioners, the Ministry stated that the decision was made according to the circular issued by the UK Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency regarding voluntary withdrawal of ESMYA 5mg by Gedeon Richter (UK) Ltd, For a new case of liver failure, requiring liver transplantation, after taking this product.

The Ministry pointed out that the mentioned product is registered with it, and recommended not to use any product containing Ulipristal at a concentration of 5 mg in tablet form.

The Ministry stressed the necessity of taking immediate measures to withdraw all operations of the Ulipristal 5mg tablets from the market by the authorized agent, and called on all pharmacy managers to stop dispensing the said product, and return it to the supplier, and also called on health care practitioners to report any side effects caused by the use of the product.




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