The Ministry of Community Development accompanies the International Autism Day with innovative ideas – across the Emirates – news and reports


The Ministry of Community Development keeps pace with the International Autism Day, which falls on April 2 each year, and this year brings the slogan “moving to adulthood” and a set of innovative initiatives and activities targeting children with autism, families and parents, autism centers, and all groups of society, which continue throughout This April on the basis of promoting sustainable community awareness.

The Ministry’s activities to be celebrated by the United Nations celebrate this occasion during the current year 2020, which is focusing attention on issues of importance related to the transition of autistic children to adulthood, and emphasizing the importance of participation in youth culture, community self-determination and decision-making, access to higher education and employment opportunities, And live independently.

Wafa Hamad bin Sulaiman, director of the Department of Welfare and Rehabilitation of People of Determination, affirmed the Ministry’s constant keenness to promote services and initiatives that enable autistic people to participate effectively in society, based on the principle of preserving their full civil and constitutional rights.

She pointed out that the efforts of the UAE are always proactive and pioneering in caring, qualifying and empowering people of determination in general, and caring in particular for people with autism in particular, by adopting more supportive initiatives for them in various global occasions, in order to enhance care and empowerment efforts in the country, by supporting families to deal with Children with this disorder, and to provide instructions specifically for mothers to monitor the early symptoms of autism, in order to achieve sustained community-based awareness of the definition of autism.

Interacting with World Autism Day, Wafa Hamad bin Sulaiman revealed that students of determination, working in “workshops” for professional qualification and employment, were able to make 2000 bands called “bracelets of determination” within the “remote rehabilitation” project to raise awareness of autism during the month of autism April 2020 , In their initiative to support awareness and educational efforts towards a segment of their peers with an interest in the “autism class”, noting that these bracelets specially designed for this occasion are blue, attached to an identification card printed with a QR that includes informative references on autism such as social stories and autism publications, which can be used From them in a steady way M.

The identification card includes information of interest to everyone, such as: definition of autism, its symptoms, signs indicating the presence of autism spectrum disorder in early childhood, channels of communication with specialists at the Ministry of Community Development to respond to parents ’inquiries, in addition to answers to the most common questions, a video collection, and a list of features The first 100 days after being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, self-protection story series, educational stories user guide, social story series, and autism behavior management.

As part of the awareness initiatives on this occasion, the Ministry of Community Development announced the initiative to illuminate a number of major buildings and monuments at the country level, on the second of April, in a blue color that symbolizes global autism disorder, in order to raise awareness of it and draw attention to the importance of developing programs and services provided for people with autism And their families.

The Ministry of Community Development initiates the broadcasting of a weekly and 3-week program to raise awareness of the challenges related to autism through the “Live Life” service through the Ministry’s Instagram, where several axes are presented by the specialists, so that the specialist works to provide an awareness session targeting parents with autism spectrum disorder And respond to their most important inquiries through the direct broadcast feature on the Instagram program.

The Ministry has also issued a set of social stories for autistic children to raise awareness of ways to prevent and protect against Corona virus. During this April, the Ministry will provide 30 educational publications on the Ministry’s Instagram and in cooperation with other media agencies, a group of publications containing promotional and educational materials for society in general about the autism spectrum disorder, its causes and how to deal with it, aiming to raise awareness about the latest developments of this disorder, which It will also be circulated to the partners.



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